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May 5, 2021

When you’re first starting out with your subscription box, you might feel like you’ll take all the subscribers you can get. But that feeling changes when you hit your first hundred and keeps growing. What might have worked for your business at 50 subscribers might not work at 250, let alone 700! Such tremendous and scary growth happened to Cheryl Ham, founder of yARnaBLE subscription box, who is my guest this week to talk about how to approach sudden growth and how to avoid getting overwhelmed by success.


Be Ready to be Caught Off Guard


Having rapid success may seem like a problem you would like to have but believe me when I say that even if you are happy when it happens, it can seem so overwhelming that you might want to try and stop the orders from coming in. That’s how Cheryl felt when more orders came in than she had prepared for, because she was afraid that she couldn’t maintain the type of service she wanted for her subscribers. “What I was really afraid of was letting my subscribers down. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to figure it out.”


When running your business, you’re going to run into situations like this from time to time. It could be a huge jump in subscribers, or it could be an item not being ready for a launch, or really any number of things! In these situations, it’s first important to stay calm and don’t stress yourself out. In her situation, Cheryl reached out to the Launch Your Box community and even chatted with me about what was happening. Seek out support where you can because we’re all ready to help!


Second, you’re going to have to stretch out those problem-solver muscles we’ve been talking about. The truth is that with success comes challenges, and the thing about challenges is that they’re only waiting for a creative solution. Be flexible with your operations, be ready to change things that aren’t working, and reach out to your community if you need that added support. And remember, communication with your subscribers is always a must!


“When things go wrong, and spoiler alert, that's probably a lot of the time! You know, it's never perfect, it's always a little bit messy, especially at the beginning. So, if you find people that want to go on the journey with you, it's the best thing you can do.” – Cheryl


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