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May 12, 2021

Joining me on the podcast this week is Alexis with her Creative Indulgence Box to talk about the idea of progress over perfection. Have you heard the saying “you are your own worst critic?” When you’re building your first subscription box for launch, we want everything to be perfect. Part of the drive to create a box in the first place is to give your subscribers that VIP experience they’ve come to expect, and we want to make that experience as perfect as possible. But you shouldn’t let that drive for perfection stop you from launching in the first place!


Always Remember to Listen to Your Audience


One of the most important steps in starting a subscription box is generating interest and creating a subscriber base. You can’t send out a box if nobody knows about it! But once you’ve done this, you’ve curated an audience and are connecting with them and generating that interest, at that point it’s only a matter of letting them know that a box is on the way.


When Alexis was thinking about all the things she needed to do before she could launch her box, she was already engaging with her audience but still had doubts about how much interest there was for her box.


“I mentioned the subscription box here and there when I was live and in my membership group and just kind of like building the buzz, but not like any kind of commitment. I was nervous about the whole process.”


She knew she needed an extra push to get over that fear that not everything was perfect, so she put up the question to her audience: were they ready for her box? The response was overwhelmingly positive.

She created a text list to be informed of when the box would be available and told herself 30 responses would be an accomplishment. “We launched (the list) on April 8th and closed on April 12th at 142 members. I was blown away!”


Remember, there are always going to be challenges to getting your box out that make us doubt ourselves. The important thing to remember is to keep charging forward, problem solve those issues, keep the faith and focus on progress over perfection!


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