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May 26, 2021

This week I’m joined by Amy Baughman, founder of the Power Serging Subscription Box, who was so kind to talk with me about her box and realizing that things don’t need to be perfect to launch. Sometimes we get into our own heads about when is the perfect time to launch, or that the box isn’t ready, or whatever reason you might come up with. With these things rolling around in our heads making us crazy, it might just be time to launch “ugly,” or to put yourself and your box out there and keep moving forward.


The Riches are In the Niches


Amy has been in business for 30 years and has been an expert in her industry for a long time. She saw a need in her community for Serger Machine education and materials and created her Power Serging box to help fill that need. “I did a little bit of research. There are tons of quilt quilting boxes out there or fabric boxes out there; even on the embroidery side, there's some powerful embroidery people out there that have a great online business that are now sending kits. And I thought, well, let's go where nobody else has gone.”


Amy identified a need and built a box around that need. She built an audience out of that and was able to leverage that into a waitlist that was eager to get started with her box. That’s an incredible amount of progress, but with that progress can come doubt on whether you’re really ready, or if there really is the demand out there that you think there is.


Perfection can be the Enemy of Progress


The need to have everything be perfect can almost be like a stop sign to the progress we’ve already made. It’s that drive for perfection that makes us the successful entrepreneurs we are, but the key is not to let it slow you down. Amy put herself out there not knowing how things might go and jumped from 150 subscribers in her first month to 250 in her second month. “I thought, well, let's just stick a landing page out there and see who wants to sign up. I thought it would just be my local people, but they posted to their Facebook groups, and all of a sudden, there was like 100 people, 120 people, 150 people.”


Remember, if you’ve done the legwork and built the audience, they’ll tell you what they’re interested in if you’re willing to listen. Even an “ugly” launch can be successful, so get moving on your own idea!


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