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Jun 2, 2021

A huge part of running a successful subscription box business is marketing yourself through effective online ads. Many of us turn to Facebook to run ads, but it can be frustrating to try and read through the data to see if those ads you paid for are actually working for you. On this week’s podcast joining me is my biz bestie Susan Bradley, owner of the Social Sales Girls, to help us figure out what works with ads and teach us that a successful ad doesn’t always equal a sale.


“You Need 3000 Web Visitors a Month to Get One Sale” - Susan


The whole point of running Facebook ads is not “run an ad, get a sale.” It’s to keep your brand and your business at the top of people’s minds and drive them to your store page. A successful ad is one that gets people to stop scrolling and read the copy that accompanies it and attracts them to click through and go to your store site.


There are three types of Ads that are the most important for product sellers, and each have a different role to play in attracting people to your product.


  1. Engagement Ads: These ads are successful when they build your audience and extend your reach with a cold audience. These ads help spread the word of your brand with those audiences that will potentially like or share the ad because it has piqued their interest.


  1. Conversion Ads: When you’re ready for people to take action on your product, like when your cart is open and you’re in the middle of building a sale, conversion ads should help drive those engaged customers to your site over and over and start looking at signing up for your list or start thinking hard about buying your product.


  1. Lead Ads: This is when your customers are at their warmest, they know about you, they’ve seen the product, and they’ve signed up for your email list. You want to be sending them content that will engage them with your product and your site, and really help them make that last leap and make them part of your audience that’s ready to subscribe.


It’s important to remember that not all ads are created equally, and success is more than an ad for a sale! They each have a purpose in getting potential customers to your website and warming them up to becoming a return subscriber. Having a strategy behind your ad buys is going to give you that peace of mind you need about the future of your business, and keep your audience growing and your sales increasing.


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