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Jun 16, 2021

This week my guest is LYB OG Debbie Poole, founder of the Create Happy Box, and we’re talking about fear. Starting your own subscription box business is a risk and taking on risk means having to deal with fear. Fear is that thing deep inside all of us that all entrepreneurs will need to be able to deal with, because that fear follows you through your whole business. We need to be able to identify that fear and to know it for what it is so that we can deal with it and move forward.


Know Your Fears


When it comes to starting your new business, launching a subscription box, or moving on to the next step, we’re going to have our doubts dancing around our heads trying to stop us from progressing. It’s not only at the beginning of our launch, but all through the process:


-Fear of Failing

-Fear of Not being good enough

-Fear of Disappointing others

-Fear of Cancellations

-Fear of Being Successful and Growing


As you can see, fear can follow you all the way through your business cycle, and even make you afraid to succeed too much! But if we know what fears we may encounter, we can be ready for them.


The first and best way to overcome and beat this fear is to do the steps. Build your audience, do the live videos and become an expert in the skill your box is going to be about. Once you have your audience, make sure you’re listening to what they want. Debbie asked her audience what they wanted in a box, and they were ready to tell her. “I began asking my ride or die customers what they wanted, questions like what kind of projects, paints or no paints…all the questions.”


Remember, don’t try to be all the things! Your audience will tell you what they want and if you listen, you can build a box that will fly off the shelves. But you need to also remember that you’re not going to please everybody all the time. There will be cancellations, but if you keep developing your business, there will be growth to replace those cancellations.


It can be easy to let fear stop your progress, but it can also help you keep your focus if you know it for what it is. Follow the steps and do the work to build your audience, listen to them when they tell you what they want, and be ready for the future of your business and remember, don’t let anything hold you back!


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