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Jun 23, 2021

We all have our reasons for starting our own businesses. Maybe we want a steady source of income, or a creative outlet and connections with a like-minded audience or breaking away from the corporate lifestyle. But I think the thing that connects us all is a want to do something meaningful with our lives and make true those dreams we’ve had about the independence of running a business for ourselves.


“I made a vow that I would not walk out of 2020 the same way I walked into it.” - Alyssa


My guest this week is Alyssa Scuderi, founder of the WANTA Reset box for women, to talk about how owning her own business has been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. “I remember my brother and I being young in mom and dad's kitchen, and we're squeezing orange juice and talking about how we can turn it into a business. So, we were coming up with business names and strategizing our business, as much as young kids can strategize.”


Fast forward to 2020: a year that changed everything for everyone. Like many of us, Alyssa found herself working from home and with her kids full time. Without her work commute and a ‘rushed life’, she ended up with extra time on her hands that she wanted to use to its full potential. “I made a vow that I would not walk out of 2020 the same way I walked into it.” With support from her friends and family, she decided to start her own business and see where it took her!


As entrepreneurs, we have a drive to make a difference in our community and the world around us through our ingenuity and know-how. The year 2020 was hard on us all and shook up the status quo. Alyssa saw this as an opportunity to reset and re-calibrate not only herself but her community, to change things for the better and seize the opportunity to realize the dream she’s had since she was little of owning her own business and being her own boss. So now I challenge you: what’s holding you back from realizing your dreams and how can you come out of this year different than you came into it?


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