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Dec 15, 2021

When you don’t know where to start, it’s easy to start in the wrong place. 


You have an idea. A dream. You want to start a subscription box. But you don’t know how. So you do what everyone does. You google. It. And you find out there are all kinds of people wanting to sell you all kinds of things to help you run your subscription box business. Software, packaging, marketing tools, and more. 


In the beginning, before you even get started, you don’t need any of those things. What you need is to Start The Right Way! 


If you’re just starting your subscription box journey, this episode is for you! Avoid the overwhelm and start where you need to start… the beginning. 


I call this first stage The Hopeful Entrepreneur because you’re full of hopes and dreams… and so many questions. There are things you need to do during this stage to start your subscription box journey off right. 


  1. Complete the 6 in 60 Workshop (Post-It Note Challenge) - identify your ideal customer and plan out your first six boxes. 
  2. Contact your local Small Business Adminstration Office - fulfill local requirements to legally set up your business. 
  3. Establish social media pages for your business - focus audience building efforts on one platform to start. 
  4. Secure a domain for your website - this will be your url. 
  5. Explore options for your website - we recommend Shopify or WordPress/WooCommerce. 


Getting your subscription box business off the ground takes a lot of work. Following a step-by-step process helps you stay on track. 


Join me for this episode as I walk you through this first stage of your subscription box journey, sharing tips, strategies, and resources to help you get a strong start. Don’t miss my tips about naming your business - and your subscription box. It matters!   

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