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Jan 19, 2022

“This subscription has turned into so much more than a subscription to me.” - Jenny Hines

Jenny Hines designs gorgeous floral arrangements. Seriously beautiful bouquets anyone would love to give or receive. 

It turns out Jenny’s talent for creating supportive communities just might be even greater than her talent for creating eye-popping bouquets. 

Jenny took over the family floral business from her parents in 2018 and from the start, a subscription was something she wanted to do. She jumped right in and started the Celebration Subscription, where men chose three dates throughout the year to send flowers to their ladies and Jenny sent them on those dates. She describes that first experience in two words. Night Mare. Well, one word actually, but Jenny gives it enough weight to make it two! 

Jenny put the idea of a subscription on the back burner for a while. And then COVID hit and she found herself needing to pivot. Jenny jumped in with both feet, figuring out how to run a subscription business and managing the complexities of shipping flowers. 

A few months into her subscription business, Jenny found Launch Your Box and learned the way to greater growth was to move from an open to a closed subscription. 

Jenny now has 86 subscribers - busy moms who forget to do something special for themselves to celebrate the small wins and beauty in their everyday lives. 

But Jenny has so much more than a subscription. She has created a community of women who encourage each other, pray for each other, and walk through life together - the highs and the lows. It’s that community that is Jenny’s favorite part of her subscription box business.  

Join me for this episode as Jenny takes us through the ups and downs of her subscription box journey, the time the color purple almost caused her to throw in the towel, and how building a truly special community led to a $10,000 flower order AND a family vacation when one of her members couldn’t imagine having anyone else do the flowers for her wedding.   


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