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Jan 26, 2022

“Stand tall and own your buying power.” 

Is this going to be the year you find new sources for products? Have you been curious about how to order products from overseas manufacturers? Are you wondering what Alibaba is and why so many subscription box owners use it to order products at great prices? 

If any of those sound like you, this episode is for you. Marissa Sayers joined me to take us through the process of ordering products through Alibaba. 

Marissa has a lot of experience sourcing products overseas and actually handles sourcing for my business. She does an incredible job because she is very detail-oriented and knows this process backward and forward.  

Marissa gave us a detailed outline of the steps of sourcing products directly from a manufacturer. 

  1. Search for products
  2. Narrow your search 
  3. Further filter your search based on delivery options (find out why you should ONLY accept DDP shipping)
  4. Talk to several manufacturer representatives
  5. Order samples (they cost more than you think they should)
  6. Place order
  7. Receive shipment 

Realize this process takes time. Plan for 90-120 days to work through it from start to finish. In other words - Alibaba is not for panic buying! 

It’s important to remember that at the same time you’re vetting a manufacturer, they are vetting you. Coming to them from a place of knowledge will give you confidence. 

Marissa also talked about how you can work with her if you need help sourcing products. She has limited spots available to work with her and gives priority to my people. Make sure you let her know if you’re a podcast listener or member of Launch Your Box.   

As a subscription box owner, you order large quantities of products every month. When you decide to step into this world of overseas sourcing, stand tall and own your buying power! 

Join me for this episode as Marissa takes us through her process of sourcing products through Alibaba, step by step. You’ll learn what to look for, what to ask for, and what to never, ever compromise on. If you’re ready to source products from overseas, this is a can’t-miss episode. Grab a notebook and pen - you’re going to take a LOT of notes.   


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