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Feb 2, 2022

“Part-time work will get you part-time results.” 

There’s nothing quite like sitting and talking business with someone who just “gets it.” And just gets you. 

For this episode, I sat down with one of my biz besties, Susan Bradley. Susan is the founder of The Social Sales Girls as well as the past and current owner of successful online retail businesses. 

Susan and I are at different stages in our businesses right now and we talked about the issues, challenges, and feelings that come with each of those stages. My business is established after years of working in it and on it full-time. Susan is in the early stages of her newest business and is only able to devote part-time hours to its growth. 

We went deep. We got real. And we talked about five things we want all new entrepreneurs to know. Things you need to understand and get comfortable with in order to succeed.   

  1. Manage your expectations.
  2. It takes time to build a profitable, sustainable business. You have to give it time. 
  3. Part-time work will give you part-time results. 
  4. The hockey stick effect - there is a point where you’ll pass the curve to catch up. (Susan is Canadian - there had to be a hockey reference in there somewhere).  
  5. Find a friend who understands. Trust us on this one. 

I always learn from my conversations with Susan. And I always laugh during them. I know you’ll learn from listening to us talk and I have a feeling you’ll get a laugh or two when we share our recent misadventures in California. 

This episode is for any entrepreneur, including subscription box owners, who is starting, launching, or growing a business. 


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