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Feb 23, 2022

If you could create one piece of content that you could use at least six different ways, would you? 


This question came up inside my high-level membership, Scale Your Box. We had a mini-mastermind and dug into all the things subscription box owners face when scaling their subscription box businesses. Many members admitted to struggling with “what to say” when it came to creating content. 


My copywriter and I sat down with the group and talked about email marketing and the importance of nurturing your audience before and after they become subscribers. 


Then, the conversation turned to blogs. 


At first, my members were not excited about the idea of adding a blog to their websites or blogging regularly. But, when we started talking about how they could put one blog to work for them, they started listening. Pretty soon, heads were nodding and questions started coming quickly. 


A blog can act as what we call your “hero piece of content.” That means it’s the main piece. Once you have that written, it’s all about repurposing and pulling pieces out to be used in all kinds of different ways inside your marketing strategy. 


Here are six different pieces of content you can create from one hero piece of content: 

  • Emails
  • Social media posts 
  • Pinterest pins
  • Podcast episodes
  • IG reels/TikTok videos


I challenged my members, and I challenge you, to start blogging if you haven’t. Start with one blog post a month. Once that’s going well, add a second.


Did you know a blog can help your subscription box business?  In today’s episode, I walk you through creating a piece of hero content you can then repurpose in many different ways. Work smarter not harder at content creation and learn how to put your blog to work for you.  Come listen!


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