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Jun 8, 2022


Welcome to the last episode in my eight-part series on the podcast called, “Ask Sarah.” Each week, I’ve answered a question from inside my Launch Your Box coaching membership. 

This week Beth Eaton of The Ruffled Daisy is here to talk about something we’re all facing right now. How to retain subscribers in a world where costs are rising. 

Beth started her business 10 years ago selling completed home decor pieces. Soon, people wanted to learn how to make these pieces themselves and they wanted Beth to teach them. Beth started selling kits and building a community of crafters. She tried launching a subscription box a few years ago and it just didn’t stick with her community. When COVID struck and we all found ourselves at home, Beth tried again. This time her community was ready! She started with 23 subscribers and two years later has 330 monthly subscribers. 

Beth came to me with a question that a lot of my members have right now. With the challenges the world is facing right now and the increasing cost of absolutely everything, Beth wanted to know what she can do to retain her subscribers when her box isn’t seen as a need. 

The first question I asked Beth was about her retention rate. While she didn’t know the exact number (she was going to figure it out as soon as our interview ended), she did have valuable information. Beth knew the point in the life of their subscription at which many of her subscribers canceled. 

Knowing when you start to lose subscribers allows you to put some things in place to keep them on track. Beth and I talked about what she can do to recapture the sense of togetherness inside her community and help subscribers consume the contents of her box. 

We also talked about six important facets of the subscriber experience and identified some things Beth can do to make improvements. 

  1. Reducing the length of time between payment and box in hand. 
  2. Consistently communicating with subscribers. 
  3. Having a cancellation survey in place and paying attention to the results. 
  4. Getting personal - don’t just rely on automations. 
  5. Focusing on customer service response time. 
  6. Making customer reviews visible. 

Join me for this episode as Beth and I talk about the challenges subscription box owners face right now and the practical, actionable things she can do to improve her subscriber experience, retain more subscribers and continue to grow.   

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