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Jun 22, 2022

“When people are part of the process, they buy in.” - Britney Brown 

I’m so excited to introduce you to Britney Brown, Launch Your Box member and founder, CEO, and all the things of Imperfect Inspiration. Britney’s story and the incredible growth she’s seen in her company and her subscription box are actually perfectly inspirational! 

In 2020, Britney was a full-time photographer and mom of five. When the pandemic hit, the photography industry shut down. Britney turned to Tik Tok to document her life during this time and also to document her new ADHD diagnosis. During this time, by sharing her experience, she built a large following on Tik Tok. Over 700,000 followers large! 

Britney’s online business started with a planner she designed to meet the needs of ADHD humans like her. The planner was a HUGE success and led to additional products. That then led to a subscription box. As Britney put it, “It turns out people were into it.” 

“Into it” is a bit of an understatement. Britney launched and sold out 150 boxes almost immediately. She quickly figured out just how many boxes she could get products for and reopened for three days. Her first box shipped to 466 subscribers! The following month she opened to new subscribers again and closed with 1,111! She plans to open again to new subscribers in July and already has 8,000 people on her waitlist. 

What is the secret to Britney’s astonishing success? She listens to her audience. She built a community before she built her products. Britney believes in the absolute power of people feeling seen and heard. She carefully and intentionally built a community to let people know they are not the only one. Britney knows and truly understands that when people feel part of the process, they buy in. 

Join me for this episode as Britney and I talk about what it means to truly serve your audience and how you just might succeed beyond your wildest dreams by building a community first, one that feels seen and heard. 

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